General Contracting & Construction Management

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The Sisca Organization provides the following services when acting in the conventional general contractor role:

  • Obtain bid package and provide competitive prices – per plans and specifications
  • Perform project scheduling
  • Prepare requisitions
  • Perform site supervision
  • Negotiate and administer contracts with sub-contractors
  • Coordinate and monitor the progress work of all sub-contractors
  • Perform value engineering services when necessary
  • Minimize change orders
  • Obtain the Certificate of Occupancy

Faculty Housing for The Masters School

Faculty housing at the Masters School constructed by Sisca Northeast, Inc.

This faculty housing was constructed by SiscaNortheast, Inc., for the Masters School, in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Lewis Wyman, Director of Business & Finance, The Masters School, said this about the project:

"The level of professionalism, fairness, timeliness, and quality of work throughout the project was highly exemplary and in stark contrast to even the best contractors we’ve been associated with.

"The Project...just Sisca Northeast was done on time and under budget -- something that certainly has not occurred with other projects we’ve undertaken in the past.”