“What I especially appreciated about Sisca was their high level of integrity. I’ve been involved in the construction of many buildings and I was especially impressed by the methodical way Sisca scrutinized every potential Change Order to make sure each was justified and accurate. Many were rejected or reduced before they were submitted to the Owner for review and approval. “Some general contractors just pass along to the building Owner change orders, without making the effort to determine whether the extra charges are warranted or valid, but not Sisca. Sisca was well organized and held the subs to their contracts. If a change order came to me through Sisca, it was most likely warranted. That meant a lot to me.”

William A. Burke, R.A., VP, Director of Design and Construction,The Community Preservation Corporation, developers Spring Valley Sites II & III & IV

“The level of professionalism, fairness, timeliness, and quality of work throughout the project was highly exemplary and in stark contrast to even the best contractors we’ve been associated with.
"The Project...just completed...by Sisca Northeast was done on time and under budget -- something that certainly has not occurred with other projects we’ve undertaken in the past.”

Lewis Wyman, Director of Business & Finance, The Masters School, Dobbs Ferry, NY

“I’ve worked with lots of construction companies over the years, both in private and municipal settings. When things go smoothly, you may never appreciate the skill that goes into getting the job done, but when there are challenges inherent in a site, (as was the case with our project) you get to see a company’s performance in the face of adversity. Time and again, we saw Sisca go over and above, and the quality of their work was excellent. The Sisca people... weren’t just good at their jobs, they were good people.”

–First Selectman John Hodge, regarding the New Fairfield, CT Senior Center

“They are very aggressive... they really go after a project... they’re the people you’d want to bring in if the project was in trouble with either budget or construction concerns.”

Bill Hopkins, Architect, Archetype

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